Illuminating New Pathways In Serious Diseases

Recent science has cast a new light on understanding how certain enzymes are involved in the dysregulation of RNA and DNA processing and sensing mechanisms, and therefore contribute to the development and maintenance of serious diseases.

As the understanding of these processes and the role of these enzymes in health and disease continues to expand, we are poised to quickly target these enzymes and to reverse the disease process through novel and differentiated therapeutics.

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New Tools for Exploration

Redona has assembled the expertise and tools to access broad classes of both RNA and DNA processing and signaling enzymes to develop highly differentiated therapeutic.

Our toolbox includes an expanding set of rigorously validated chemical and biological reagents, a proprietary and extensive suite of biochemical and cellular assays, a highly curated chemical motif library that efficiently interrogates nucleic acid – protein interactions, and strong bioinformatic capabilities to integrate and understand the complex biology impacted by these nucleic acid regulators.